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For more than 100 years, Franke has been interested in innovation in engineering processes and outstanding design. It not only offers products of excellent quality but also tailored solutions to the complex needs of its customers. Everything they do is something unique: from the products they develop through the relationships they establish with their customers, and employees.

With headquarters in Aarburg (Switzerland) and presence on five continents, Franke has become one of the leading companies in the manufacture and design of kitchen equipment, always trying to offer a product that stands out for its functionality and ellegance.

Due to this vocation to always offer something unique, they created Franke Solid Surface, a latest generation material, homogeneous and non-porous and that thanks to its thermo-formable properties can be used for a variety of projects, getting shapes and constructions difficult to achieve with other type of materials.

It has numerous physical properties such as its durability and its resistance to impacts, heat and UV rays. It is compact in all its thickness so it is installed with imperceptible joints that make the surface absolutely hygienic and antibacterial. All this together with its ease of repair and washing, make Franke Solid Surface the ideal material for a wide variety of applications and utilities.

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