Sipo Sharp-edge Drying kiln

Sipo wood, derived from the Entandrophragma utile tree in Africa, is known for its beauty and durability. Its color ranges from light to dark brown, with a straight and uniform grain. Advantages of sipo wood include its resistance to moisture and insects, making it suitable for outdoor and maritime applications. Moreover, it's easy to work with and exhibits good dimensional stability. Sipo wood is valued in construction, furniture manufacturing, and high-quality decorative elements.



  • Apparent density at 12% humidity 610 kg/m3 semi-heavy wood
  • Dimensional stability
  • - Volumetric shrinkage coefficient 0.40% stable wood.
  • - Relation between contractions 1.45% without tendency to deform
  • Hardness (Chalais-Meudon) 3.7 semi-hard wood

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