Ayous "Trozada" C/V - K.D.

Sawn ayous wood is the result of processing ayous wood into smaller and manageable pieces. Derived from the Triplochiton scleroxylon tree in West Africa, it is valued for its lightness and versatility. Its advantages include ease of handling and its ability to adapt to a variety of woodworking and construction projects. Ranging in tones from creamy white to pale yellow, this wood features a smooth and uniform grain. Sawn ayous wood is appreciated for its low weight and termite resistance, making it an effective choice in various applications.


  • Apparent density at 12% humidity 380 kg/m3 light wood.
  • Dimensional stability
  • - Volumetric contraction coefficient 0.33 % highly stable wood.
  • - Relation between contractions 1.73% no tendency to deformity.
  • Hardness (Chaláis-Meudon) 1.2 softwood.
Before carry out your order it is necessary to verify by phone that the length you need is available in stock.
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