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Linden wood, derived from trees of the Tilia genus, is valued for its softness and ease of workability. Ranging in tones from pale white to light yellow, this wood features a uniform and attractive grain. Its advantages include its lightweight nature and its ability to be carved and turned with ease, making it ideal for sculptures and intricate work. Additionally, linden is resistant to warping and is known for its smooth touch. It's a popular choice in wood carving and musical instrument making.



  • Semi-heavy wood.
  • Slightly nervous wood.
  • Very soft wood.

Before carry out your order it is necessary to verify by phone that the length you need is available in stock.

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Quality Length mm
Width mm
Thickness mm
68600 TILO AMERICANO FAS C/V KD 26 <3900 FAS 0 1 26
68600L TILO AMERICANO FAS C/V KD 26 >4000 FAS 0 1 26
68630L TILO AMERICANO FAS C/V KD 52 >4000 FAS 0 1 52
68660L TILO AMERICANO FAS C/V KD 105 >4000 FAS 0 1 105
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