Wooden boards for your custom-made furniture

Are you looking for material to make custom-made wooden furniture? At Gabarró you will find everything you are looking for and everything you need. Visit our renewed website to browse through hundreds of solid wood panels, chipboard, fibreboard (MDF), plywood sheets, melamine and many more.

In this case, one of the star products in the manufacture of made-to-measure furniture is plywood. This product is obtained by gluing overlapping veneers so that their fibres form a certain angle, usually straight. Normally, they are composed of odd veneers, in order to balance their structure and behaviour, improving their resistance, durability and weight.

At Gabarró we have various sizes of plywood in stock and if you need any custom-made plywood board we can also manufacture it thanks to the most modern machinery and expert staff to customise custom-made wooden boards.

Our sole objective is to provide our customers with all the materials for the manufacture of their bespoke furniture and many other projects. That is why our sales team will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you on the best solutions for your needs.