A wide variety of floors to suit every style

What floors do we have in stock?

Laminate, vinyl flooring, multilayer laminated flooring and solid wood flooring for interiors. And for exterior we have Wood-Deck solid wood flooring and the WPC ones from the Urban Deck or Timbertech brands. Some of construction on battens, others floating, and each one of them with a great variety of finishes.

Laminate flooring or laminate parquet is the most popular, easy to install, versatile and economical. It is made up of different pressed layers, a moisture resistant HDF backing board, decorative paper and a transparent wear resistant layer called an overlay. The classification of each laminate floor will depend on this layer, class 31, 32, 33. Depending on the resistance to abrasion, it may have one or another AC classification. Laminate AC ratings measure wear resistance and originally ranged from AC1 to AC5, although for residential use we do not recommend downgrading from AC3.

Vinyl floors are 100% moisture resistant synthetic parquets with high resistance to wear and tear. This quality makes them ideal for kitchen and bathroom areas in the domestic environment, and also an ideal material for installations for commercial and residential use: hospitality sector, commercial premises, nursing homes, etc. That is to say, places with a great demand for cleaning and a high traffic of people.

The multilayer laminate flooring or wooden parquet is also made up of several layers, all of which are made of real wood. The noble layer can be of different thicknesses and this determines its price. Said layer can be supplied untreated, semi-treated, or treated at source. Treatments can be oiled or varnished. The varnished wooden floor is usually always more resistant than the oiled one.

As for the exterior wooden floor, there are coniferous wood (pine) and tropical wood floors, which are the ones with the highest density and hardness. The most recommended in our country are tropical wood pallets, since they adapt to sudden changes in humidity. Ipe wood flooring is the most popular and recommended to adapt to these changes in humidity and temperature, although in recent years bamboo flooring is being used.

Synthetic flooring, also known as technological flooring, is a composite of wood and plastic polymers, WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), resistant and highly durable. It is a product that maintains its color and beauty for years, without the need to paint, stain or seal and is resistant to mold. It is not only a product that at the end of its useful life can be recycled, but to a large extent recycled materials are used for its manufacture.

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