Urban Deck, our brand of wooden floor

The Urban Deck and Urban Deck Top Duo collections are the perfect solution for outdoor spaces that require comfort, warm appearance and refreshing sensation. An intelligent, sustainable and economic alternative to tropical woods.

The innovative semi-solid tubular structure of Urban Deck Top Duo, with the latest advances in technology platforms, offers greater resistance and less weight, without subtracting self-ventilation capacity. In addition, its reversible finish in teak and ipé tones, allows you to create creative combined designs.

Urban Deck Top Duo is an encapsulated platform, which makes it an anti-stain material that does not discolor for exposure to weathering, since it has Anti UV-531 in its composition. With great durability abroad and with a 10-year warranty, these are aesthetically pleasing, able to fit into the most demanding outdoor spaces.

Gabarró's Urban Deck brand is extremely functional since it has minimal maintenance and is designed for users since the edges of the profiles are rounded so that people can walk barefoot along the outside of the pool and / or gardens.

Finally, it is worth mentioning its easy installation thanks to a system of staples, screws and strips of wood covered and that have a high resistance to slip.

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