Here come the holidays in Gabarró!

Here arrives the summer schedule of Gabarró!

We remember that have opened during the month of August to exception of the following dates:



Closed from the 15 to 19 August (both included).


Gavà, Benifaió and Málaga

Closed from the 8 to 26 August (both included).



Closed from the 8 to 19 August (both included).


Vitoria and Fuenlabrada

Closed from the 15 to 26 August (both included).


Besides, the delegation of Vitoria will close the days 25 July for festive autonomic and 5 August for festive venue.


We inform that, besides, all our delegations will have the schedule from 7h to 15h, from 29 July to 31 August (both included). After 1 September our schedule will go back as usual.

If you want to anticipate your shopping, you can register budgets and requests through the internal area of the web. If you are not registered, you can do it through this link.


Thank you very much and happy holidays!