See our melamine board options for your projects

Melamine boards have changed the way homes are decorated since they started to be used in the 1980s. Its creation is basically due to the attempt to economise on the costs of plywood boards and to give a little more variation in aesthetic aspects to the different pieces of furniture made with this finish in homes.

Melamine boards can be used in a wide range of furniture, even those most exposed to friction, as in some cases they offer considerable resistance. Its main uses are for interior furniture such as wardrobes, shelves, tables, desks, coverings, etc.

There are thousands of variants of decorative melamine boards, as they are formed by a base with a printed paper that marks the design and finish, and can be formed in all the colours and patterns imaginable. At Gabarró, we have a wide variety of melamine, classified in the different brands we distribute and in different collections:

  • From the collection of unicolour melamines, we can find references of our own brand Gamela or Egger where you can choose from more than 65 different models.
  • If you want a more innovative and groundbreaking design, the fantasy melamine collections represent various materials such as metal, textile, stone, marble, cement, etc.
  • The wood melamine collections visually represent a wooden board, as they have a vetted design imitating natural wood.
  • The Perfect Sense collection by Egger consists of 12 single-colour melamine designs, smooth and lacquered in an elegant matt or glossy shade.
  • Feel Wood is a collection of decorative character, simulating natural wood. With 20 vetted designs with synchronised pore to give them a more realistic appearance and texture.

Now that you know all the Melamine collections that we have at Gabarró, it is time to browse through the different designs to find the one that meets the specifications of your project. Once you have finished, don't forget to share it with us and our community using the hashtag #gabarroinspira on social networks.