Plywood and slatted to transform a mechanical workshop into a creative studio

This project by Estuyo Studio has had the objective of transforming the ground floor of a building built in Vallecas in the 60s into Boa Mistura's new creative studio with 247 m2.

In this remodeling and construction process carried out by Atelier Imaginean, it has managed to give a new life to an old car repair workshop in which two different areas have been obtained (a study area and a storage area), with a paint shop at the back of the premises.

The materials of the intervention have been left raw, either the partitioning elements, as well as the shelves, doors, cabinets and countertops in the kitchen area made with our spruce and birch plywood and spruce slats, which present their finish natural.

All the boards have been machined to a wide variety of measures thanks to our cutting and machining service, which has allowed them to save time and costs in the installation process.