New service for fire retardant treatment of Lunawood Thermowood® wood

This new fire protection treatment allows the use of heat-treated wood (Thermowood®) in the façade structures of buildings that require a fire class B.


The thermo-treated wood company Lunawood, distributed exclusively in Spain by Gabarró Hermanos, the leading company nationwide in the distribution of sawn wood, wooden, bamboo and technological floors, boards and acrylic stone, offers a new fire treatment service for several of the products in its premium Thermowood® range.

This new fire protection treatment, subject to the Euro EN 13501 code, allows the use of Lunawood Thermowood® wood in buildings that require a fire class B, since with this pressure impregnation method the products comply with the regulations required in façade structures.

This further expands the possibilities of using Lunawood heat-treated wood in Sustainable Architecture projects.


Same visual appearance with improved reaction to fire class


All impregnated fire protection does not affect either the visual appearance or the original technical properties of Lunawood Thermowood®. The treatment carried out has a long durability in all types of weather. Lunawood also offers fire-protected painted products made by CE-certified painters in different shades.


Certified treatment processes

The technology and methodology used for fire protection by Lunawood is a CE certified documented treatment process, which offers a consistent quality of fire protection.

Lunawood tongue-and-groove and brushed products achieve fire reaction class B-s1,d0, while 3D-Lunawood products have met fire reaction class B-s2,d0. For outdoor use, the reaction to fire requirement is minimum B-s2,d0, while for indoor use it must be B-s1,d0.


About Lunawood

Lunawood is a sustainable wood material produced using natural methods, heat and steam. The thermal modification to which it is subjected improves the properties of the wood, thus expanding the range of applications in which it can be used: facades, sun protection, platforms, saunas, etc. A dimensionally stable, rot-resistant, resin-free product that can be used indoors, outdoors and in any climate, requiring no surface coating even in the most challenging weather conditions. This makes it an ecological solution throughout its life cycle.