New offer: additional discount on web orders!

Now, for orders and budgets via Gabarró website, you have an additional 2% discount on your purchase. This discount is applied once the order is validated and is added to the usual discount percentage.

You can make your orders through the client area of the web page. If you don't know how to navigate, make orders, or access the area, you can check the video tutorial here!



  • The promotion web only will be applicable for requests or budgets between 200€ and 800€ gross gone in by means of the web.
  • The promotion will apply 2% of additional discount on the usual discount.
  • The promotion will be limited to a maximum of 5 requests. Once the customer has already made 5 requests to which have been applied the promotion, it will no longer apply the promotion.
  • The period of the promotion will be until the 30th September 2022.
  • Only it will be applicable to the products, units and the amount of the request or budget done by the web. They will not be able to make modifications once the request has started.
  • The promotion only will be applicable for the products and units that have in stock.
  • For products like the machined wood that they do not have a concrete length or width, the customer will have to confirm previously with internal bandage the available measure before start the request. In these cases, until it do not verify that the length requested is available and the amount of the request is inside the parameters of the promotion, we cannot guarantee the application.