Live construction of a geodesic Dome in Maderalia!

During the FIMMA Maderalia, that took place from 29 March to 1 April in Valencia, the members of Comunidad Makers TV built a geodesic dome entirely of solid wooden slats of Flandes, provided by Gabarró.


On 29 March they began to build what would become the dome for the end of the convention. Gabarró provided the slats, together with other wooden elements, the first day of the fair to be able to begin with the project.

First, they measured and they cut the slats, and formed triangles. Once formed all the necessary triangles, began with the base of the structure, to keep growing upwards until finalizing in the summit. The slats hit ones with others with base of strong glue, what allows a totally clean design. The Comunidad Makers TV yielded the dome to the Fair of Valencia for his use in future conventions.


Congratulations for this project so full of illusion!


If you want to see the complete project, you can see this video on YouTube: