Innovous Coloured - Coloured MDF boards

We present you the coloured MDF boards from Sonae Arauco, one of our MDF fibreboard suppliers par excellence. Innovous Coloured is a medium density fibreboard that is mass-dyed, resistant and easy to machine.

Its manufacturing process consists of introducing dyes at the beginning of its production process, where the wood fibres are carefully prepared, providing the final board with an impressive colour consistency and durability, resistant to light exposure. They also stand out for their sustainability and are certified for low formaldehyde emission and D-s2 fire resistance.

It is a material highly valued by interior designers and architects, as its characteristics allow it to add a touch of colour and style to any project. The boards are available in a wide range of shades and colours, from light and neutral tones to vibrant and bold colours.

The technical characteristics of the product make it suitable for the production of structures and furniture. After cutting, sanding or machining, the colour will remain vivid and the surface will remain stable and smooth, allowing for subsequent lacquering or coating.

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