How to orientate laminate flooring?

Many doubts arise when it comes to orienting the planks of laminate parquet or laminate flooring when it is installed in a home or in a commercial area. The orientation of the laminate flooring is of vital importance as it creates an optical effect giving more depth or width to the different spaces where it is installed.

Two key factors are usually taken into account when installing parquet: the orientation of the different rooms in the home or the orientation of the natural light sources.

If we look at the rooms of the house, the corridor is normally taken as a reference point, where the planks are laid lengthways to give a sense of depth and also to facilitate the installation itself or restoration in the future. In the rest of the rooms, they are installed in the same direction as the corridor to create that uniformity.

Another installation option would be to take as a reference the living room or the place where the most time is spent, always advising installation along the length of the room. In commercial areas, installation at 45º to the walls can be a great option, creating a striking visual effect that breaks the monotony of a classic, boring, right-angled space.

Many installers advise installing laminate or engineered wood flooring taking into account the factor of natural light sources and windows. The main option is to install laminate flooring facing the light in order to minimise the visibility of joints and other defects that may occur.

Laminate flooring can be installed on any surface and the visual effect created by the orientation of the planks will play a key role in the perception of the different spaces in a home. For example, the long planks of the Egger Pro laminate flooring collection bring authenticity and originality to any room, whether commercial or domestic.

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