Honext, material of exhibition by the faculty of design and engineering Elisava

Elisava, faculty of design and engineering of Barcelona, has organized with the students of the master in Design through new Materials, different exhibitions and workshops related with the New European Banhaus, where includes materials like Honext.

The New European Banhaus is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative that connects the European Green Deal with our spaces and experiences. It looks for a sustainable future, with rich spaces, sustainable and inclusives.


In the exhibition, Elisava has presented Echo Surface Design Lab, an exhibition on how develops designs Surface sustainable with Honext, board of material circulate elaborated from waste cellulosic. This exhibition consisted of different designs of chairs made with material of Honext, but with distinct finishings also sustainable.


Honext considers the cycle of life of the product, once east arrives at the end of his useful life, give it back to the process and create new panels of Honext. Thanks to his investment in R&D, add chemical enzymes in the process of transformation that allow to generate links stronger between the fibers of cellulose. Durable, sustainable and without broadcast of toxic. Discover it here!