Honext fireproof boards for a safe and sustainable world

This innovative product has been one of the main innovations presented by Gabarró at CONSTRUMAT, the reference fair in Spain for the construction sector, which was held from May 23 to 25 in Barcelona

The new Honext FR-B board is an innovative product destined to revolutionize the construction industry, as it provides a certified, fireproof and non-toxic circular solution.

This supra-recycled material, made from cellulose waste, is one of Gabarró's main commitments as far as sustainable and circular materials are concerned. Through industrial waste fibers from the paper industry, 100% upcycled, and without using any virgin material as raw material and without adding resins, the Honext process has achieved B-s1,d0 fire protection, the highest degree of certification for wood/cellulose based boards. This provides a unique and sustainable alternative for interior spaces.

According to Honext CEO Paul Clegg: “This revolutionary product is the result of our commitment to innovation as a driver for positive impact and enabling the circular economy. We believe it will help transform the construction industry by providing a safe, versatile and circular alternative."

Like the rest of the brand's products, the Honext FR-B board also has the Cradle to Cradle® environmental certification.


About Honext

Honext is a Barcelona-based company that has developed a certified circular process protected by intellectual property that upcycles industrial waste fibers into non-toxic and recyclable boards and offers a truly sustainable solution for the construction sector.