Great influx and interest in the products presented by Gabarró in Maderalia


Gabarró Hermanos, which in this edition has received a Special Mention for its historical career, has exhibited its new Catalog of melamine and laminates from Gamela 2024+, such as those from CLEAF and Egger, and the new Imperial ranges of vinyl/SPC floors from Adore, among other news


Gabarró Hermanos has presented its latest innovations in flooring and wall coverings at the 40th edition of Maderalia, which was held at Feria Valencia from May 14 to 17.

Among all the novelties that the leading company has exhibited, the new designs from the Gamela 2024+ melamine and laminate Catalog stand out, such as those from CLEAF and EGGER, the new ranges of vinyl/SPC flooring from Adore and the new Slatpanel decorative coatings. 

In the words of Ramon Gabarró, CEO of the company: 

“We are very satisfied with our participation in Maderalia 2024 and with the good reception that our new products have had among professionals in the sector.” 

The stand, designed by the company Dröm Living, evokes the geometric shapes of the new Gamela 2024+ catalogue, recently presented by Gabarró. 


Special Mention for Gabarró Hermanos

In this edition, the organization has awarded Maderalia 2024 Special Mentions to various companies in three categories: innovative product, for the most innovative products; original participation, for those exhibiting companies that have had a unique and outstanding presence and company image, which has recognized those exhibitors with an outstanding projection of their brand in different variables, such as global innovation, business excellence, commitment to sustainability , historical trajectory or connection with FIMMA + Maderalia and Feria Valencia.

Gabarró Hermanos has received a Special Mention for its historical career.


New collection of melamine and laminate Gamela 2024+

Under the motto “Where your projects take shape”, Gabarró's Gamela 2024+ collection is designed to inspire and elevate professional projects to a higher level, as it combines exceptional quality with modern and versatile designs, while offering infinite possibilities. to create unique and attractive spaces.

This new collection, which offers multiple options adapted to each style and need for clients in the furniture, kitchen, retail or Contract fields, highlights the premium melamines from the Italian company of innovative surfaces and solutions for the furniture and interior design industry. CLEAF, with which Gabarró has signed a national distribution agreement this year. Gabarró has 26 designs from the brand in permanent stock, in 2800 x 2070 format and 18 mm thick and with some references also in 10 mm. 

Professional visitors who have come to the Gabarró stand at Maderalia 2024 have also been able to see some of the most attractive designs of the new collection of EGGER melamine, laminate and countertops. More than 170 designs and more than 300 references to shape countless professional projects. EGGER melamines offer a unique tactile and visual experience. A range of products with multiple options for every style and application, from timeless classic designs to the most current designs.


News in vinyl/SPC flooring Adore

Another of the notable protagonists of Gabarró in Maderalia have been the latest developments from Adore, the vinyl/SPC flooring brand that distributes exclusively in our country. The new Imperial SPC Light and Imperial Dryback ranges, with use class 33/41, are suitable for both residential use and the Contract sector. References 100% moisture resistant and fireproof Bfl-s1 that have high resistance to scratches and impacts, making them ideal for commercial spaces with strict regulations regarding the material used. Gabarró has in stock 5 of its designs in Oak (Manor, House, Villa, Chateau and Antique).

In this edition of Maderalia, the Gabarró team has also shown the new Slatpanel decorative cladding panels, the latest innovations of the sustainable construction material HONEXT® and the most recent additions of the Lunawood brand of heat-treated wood.