Get to know the characteristics of the technological platform through this project

Outdoor WPC decking technology offers a wide range of possibilities to cover spaces with a natural touch and with many advantages over natural decking. To see how these advantages are applied in reality, we are going to take as an example one of the star projects carried out with TimberTech Reliabord decking.

Last summer, the new San Bartolomé viewpoint in San Sebastián was opened to the public. A platform that offers a panoramic view of the city centre with one of the best views of the city of Gipuzkoa. The city council wanted to turn this point of the city into a point of reference for locals and visitors to enjoy this new space that has more than 6,000 linear metres of Timber Tech decking in cedar colour, forming a grandstand of ramps and steps, topped by a high glass railing.

Why was it decided to build the San Bartolomé viewpoint with this technological decking? Quite simply:

  • The solidity of the slats. Thanks to the latest technology, which combines a composite core covered on four sides with a protective layer of polymers, it is resistant enough to withstand heavy weights and the large number of visitors that this gazebo will have during peak hours.
  • The persistence of the material. Resistance to external factors was one of the determining factors in choosing a technological decking, since, being outdoors, the structure had to withstand the inclemency of the weather or its discolouration due to the effect of the sun in a very changeable climate.
  • The durability of the decking. WPC decking technology is highly resistant to damage caused by mould, fungus and moisture.
  • The aesthetics of the planks. This reference evokes the famous hand-scraped planks, but with many more advantages such as a uniform colour for much longer and fits in perfectly with the environment.
  • Low maintenance of the decking. The materials from which the decking is made mean that it does not need to be painted or sealed annually like other decking, so the gazebo can be operational for much longer.

Thanks to this project we have been able to see the applications and advantages of technological decking, which offer us a higher technical performance than natural wood decking. In Gabarró you can find all types of decking that will surely fit your project perfectly, check them out here.