GABARRÓ updates their showrooms of Sabadell, Gavá and Sallent (Barcelona), Benifaió (Valencia) and Madrid, with new products that have been incorporated in order to offer our customers the more technical and innovative solutions, appeared on the market:

-New collection of decorative acoustic panels OBERFLEX.

-Veneered boards with natural wood veneer SHINNOKI, which is a combination of top quality natural wood veneer with MDF board (PEFC Certified), finished with a a coat of satin varnish, ready for final use.

-High Pressure Laminate (HPL), for both indoor and outdoor LIRI and WERZALIT, very decorative, resistant and without maintenance.

-Lightened panels:

-EUROLIGHT. Alveolar board, raw chipboard with the option to paint or melamine.

-FINlight. Light board, crude low density, melamine coated or natural veneered.

-Antique boards MEDFLOOR, which consists of two collections:

-Collection ART, massif oak boards extremely old, open knots without putty, aged broken edges, brushed structure, with micro bezel, which 6 exclusive designs.

-Collection OLD, floating flooring of rustic Mediterranean style, with putty knots, round bezel, with 4 different designs.