The students of the Escola Industrial of Sabadell visit our installations in Polinyà

On Friday May 13th, the students of the Escola Industrial of Sabadell visited our installations in Polinyà.

The students of the FP of Carpentry and Furniture approached to the warehouses of Polinyà to learn on the wood, see the industrial sheds and production. Specifically, they centered his stay in learning on the prefabricated: melamine, chipboards, MDF, OSB, plywood, compact… As well as some newer products of the sector, as they are Honext or the Solid Surface of Franke.

Our commercial director, Alfonso Torres, accompanied and showed them the opportunities and professional exits that offers the degree, so much in the labor insertion in Gabarró as in any another position of the market.

The Degree of Carpentry and Piece of furniture is offered by the Department of Education, together with the Gremi de la Fusta de Sabadell i Comarca, which Gabarró forms part in, among others.