Discover here the advantages of profiles for wooden windows

Wooden window profiles are products widely used in the carpentry sector for the manufacture of windows and wooden enclosures, these can be laminated (manufactured from 2 or more pieces of glued wood) or solid.

Laminated profiles are generally made of single-piece wooden boards or slats, or of more than one slat joined together by gluing or by means of unions with the “finger joint” system.

What is the finger joint system? It is a toothed wood assembly system, which allows the maximum use of this, to obtain, in return, a homogeneous wood and high resistance to flexion, in addition to achieving less expansion and contraction of this.

Solid profiles, any kind of wood that does not present problems can be used. The woods most used for rustic wooden windows, enclosures and most contrasted exterior wooden windows are those of Pine, Iroko, Elondo, Castaño.

Advantages of wooden profiles:

  • Great thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Dimensional stability
  • Energy saving
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Ease of cost calculation
  • 100% natural and sustainable.
  • Recyclable, reusable and non-toxic product.

By installing wooden windows, it is possible to improve the thermal insulation of the home, and protect it from the heat of summer or the cold of winter. A house with wooden windows is a perfect solution to combine functionality and aesthetics.

What factors affect the price of wooden windows?

  • Material cost
  • Installation cost
  • Glazing cost