Design façades in full color: an upward trend

Polyrey expands its range of colors of compact boards designed for the design of Facades. This new palette of textures that includes wood colors such as classic oak also adds rough textures that simulate cement and concrete to create environments with stone and gray tones to satisfy the current trend in design and architecture.

The self-supporting HPL (high pressure) laminate panel based on paper (65%) and thermosetting resin (35%) with technical results in accordance with EN 438 regulations make it a very resistant option for outdoor use, either for facades or coatings.

The exterior compact is combined by several compacted layers: the upper layer is the decorative sheet that is impregnated with a special resin to offer high resistance to ultraviolet rays to postpone its deterioration, thus offering a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee. The inner layers that form the base of the compact are made of black kraft paper impregnated with thermosetting resin.

In addition to its resistant composition, the compact HPL for exteriors offers high resistance to UV, it is also water-repellent and rot-proof, making it an easy-to-maintain material, as well as offering high resistance to graffiti. Its fireproof properties allow its installation in public works projects, since it also has a high resistance to shocks, cracking and to solvents.

Currently the manufacturer offers various thickness options of 6 / 8 / 10 mm recommended according to the work project. It is also marketed in 4 different board formats to achieve maximum use.