Are you thinking of installing an exterior decking?

Are you thinking of installing an exterior decking? Do you want to know which option best suits your needs? Here are our recommendations:

We can separate the exterior decking into two general groups:
  • Wood and bamboo decking
  • Technological / WPC decking

Types of wooden and bamboo decking:

- Solid wood decking from Wood-Deck:

The Wood Deck outdoor solid wood flooring is available in a wide range of profiles, finishes and species of great strength and durability, all resistant to the elements.

The result of our environment in the garden, pool, terrace or any outdoor floor will convey warmth and comfort, while achieving a completely modern decoration. Without the need for works, we will obtain a floor with that style and warmth that only wood offers us.

- Dasso bamboo flooring:

Dasso bamboo flooring is an innovative and sustainable option that offers a comfortable and welcoming climate. This is an ideal product for residential or commercial areas on floors, facades, panels or coatings. With a 25-year warranty for residential applications, Dasso bamboo decking offers great durability and is environmentally friendly. On the other hand, it is highly resistant to fire (Bfl-s1), termites and mold.

The bamboo flooring can get wet without any inconvenience, making it suitable for installation in outdoor spaces near swimming pools.

See Dasso bamboo flooring project HERE

- Pallets with Lunawood heat-treated wood:

This heat-treated wood product is produced sustainably using natural methods such as heat and steam. It is ideal for outdoor applications, since it is a material with dimensional stability and thermal insulation, resistant to decomposition and weathering, suitable for any climate and made without toxic products. On the other hand, it is easy to machine and install, which is also ideal for Contract spaces.

Lunawood adapts perfectly to all kinds of styles and environments thanks to its not only technical but also aesthetic properties.

See project with Lunawood heat-treated wooden pallets HERE

Types of Tech / WPC Decking