Gabarró is already serving in his new office in Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)

The headquarters of 6,200 m², which covers the area of the peninsular northwest, is already 100% operational.

The total investment of Gabarró in these new facilities, of 6,200 m² to give service to the industrial customers and warehouses of Galicia.
The new headquarters is formed by a team of seven people and led by José Sánchez Penas, while Luis Carballo and Manuel López make up the commercial team. The new team, whose members have a long professional career in the sector, offers a closer and more agile service to Galician customers, who until now were served by the Basque delegation of Vitoria.

The Galician delegation also has a professional showroom, for interior designers and architects, as well as professionals and prescribers, in which the company shows its wide range of commercialized products.
The entire community has been covered by delivery routes: the location of the new delegation in Santiago de Compostela is strategic for its good communications both to Vigo and to A Coruña, allowing to offer a direct service to the entire Galician market.

With this new headquarters, located in the Polígono del Tambre of Santiago de Compostela, Gabarró consolidates its national expansion phase and aims to access the innovative industry around the retail and contract market located in this region.

Gabarró has thus increased its competitiveness and ability to provide the best service to its customers, since it can provide a wide range of products to all points of the national territory in just 24-48 hours.