New Catalog of Wood and Products for the Exterior 2018

Gabarró presents the new Catalog of Wood and Products for the Exterior2018. This season's portfolio expands the range of possibilities for professionals in outdoor wood solutions and highlights the novelty of Urban Deck Top Duo technology floor, the composite coated wood and polymers with great durability outdoors. The reversible design, color teak and ipé, of this innovative encapsulated technological platform allows creative combinations
Gabarró's new catalog includes products from its own brands, Wood Deck and Urban Deck, from brands with outdoor solutions exclusively distributed in Spain, Lunawood® and MACS® by LG Hausys, as well as brands Timbertech, UPM Profi and Polyrey.

Gabarró offers a wide range of possibilities for professionals working in outdoor installations and in the design of terraces or gardens with recommended solutions for outdoor use. The brands Lunawood®, Polyrey and HI-MACS® by LG Hausys also enable the cladding of exterior facades.


The catalog includes a detailed description and images of all wood species, both for indoor and outdoor, marketed by Gabarró, one of the widest ranges of wood in the national market.
The portofolio refers to the aged gray wooden boards for projects with rustic and vintage style, marketed by Gabarró. To achieve this aged effect, the wood, already sawn and unbrushed, is exposed for more than a year to the weather so that the sun, ultraviolet rays (UV), wind, rain and moisture oxidize it naturally, getting a grayish or silvery color, without using any type of dye or chemical product to artificially dye it.


Heat-treated fir and pine wood Lunawood® wood is ideal for wood construction and can be used in many outdoor applications, depending on the treatment to which it is subjected: façade cladding, floors, fences, terraces, noise barriers, garden furniture and even decks and edges of swimming pools. Constructive solutions respectful with the environment, natural and without any type of chemical additive, sustainable and with a natural and attractive aging despite the passage of time.

Lunawood® subjects wood to a combined cycle in which temperatures and different degrees of humidity alternate. This intensive thermal treatment transforms the structure and properties of wood, which reduces by 50% the natural tendency to bend, swell or shrink in wet conditions.
Regarding mechanized wood, the new catalog also includes different products such as wooden pallets, ribbons of tropical wood, tropical wood battens, slats of fir and pine wood, slats and strips of northern wood, laminated beams of fir glued, tongue and groove, profiles of north pine wood, rounds and pine stakes, pine sleepers, all designed as solutions for exterior design.


Wooden platform for exteriors Wood-Deck, Gabarró's own brand of solid wood flooring, has a wide range of selected species of great solidity and durability and all resistant to weathering. Their profiles in Chestnut have a great acceptance, since they stand out for being products of proximity and highly sustainable. Its usual installation is with staples.
Technological platform
The Timbertech technological platform firm offers high quality, low maintenance and long-lasting solutions, as they maintain their color and beauty for years without the need to paint, stain or seal as well as being resistant to mold. This product has 25 years warranty for residential applications.

UPM ProFi is the elegant pallet system, distributed by Gabarró, made from an innovative and ecological cellulose and polypropylene compound. It hardly needs maintenance and maintains its fantastic aspect despite the passage of time. Its installation system is easy and fast.

The own brands of Gabarró Urban Deck, Urban Deck Plus and the new Urban Deck Top Duo, are the perfect solution for outdoor spaces that require warm and refreshing sensations. An intelligent, sustainable and economic alternative to tropical woods. Urban Deck and Urban Deck Plus have alveolar structure that provides lightness and great resistance, as well as the capacity of constant self-ventilation avoiding overheating by solar action.
The structure of Urban Deck Top Duo, with the latest advances in technological platforms, is semi-massive tubular, giving it greater strength without subtracting self-ventilating capacity. Its reversible finish, color teak and ipé, allows to realize creative combined designs.

The Urban Deck Plus and Urban Deck Top Duo products are encapsulated pallets, which turns them into anti-stain materials and that do not discolour due to exposure to the elements. With great durability on the outside and with a guarantee of 10 years, they are platforms of pleasant aesthetics, able to fit in the most demanding exterior spaces.


Compact exterior for facades

The laminated panel HPL (high pressure) is a polyvalent coating, robust and hygienic that can be applied on any type of support (wood, metal, mineral, alveolar ...). Made of paper (65%) and thermosetting resin (35%), it is resistant to solvents, cracks, bumps and graffiti. Easy to maintain and with a high resistance to UV rays, it is also fireproof, waterproof and rot-proof, qualities that make it ideal for exteriors (facades, doors, wall coverings ...) and for highly exposed environments: retail, hospitality, offices, education, health, etc.
Acrylic stone

HI-MACS® by LG Hausys is a solid surface capable of shaping and adopting any form outdoors and using all its range of possibilities to design facades. This acrylic compound, made of minerals and natural pigments, results in a smooth surface, no porous, thermoformable and visually impeccable. A versatile material that allows to be molded and acquire different curvatures and shapes. Through a progressive process of thermoplastic heating, this new material opens up endless possibilities for designing facades. HI-MACS® stands out, especially in outdoor applications thanks to its excellent properties.

In addition, HI-MACS® Structura surfaces offer a perfect base for unlimited outdoor designs imitating stone mosaics.