6,200 m² for the new facilities of Gabarró in Santiago de Compostela

A new branch will be opened in Galicia at the beginning of next year

Following its phase of national expansion,company has announced the opening of a delegation in Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña), scheduled for next January.

Gabarró Galicia is equipped with 6,200 m² of warehouses, offices, showroom in the Polígono del Tambre, located in Santiago de Compostela, a location chosen for good communications both to Vigo and to A Coruña.

In these facilities, Gabarró will have a large stock to service the industrial and warehouses of Galicia, as well as the entire northwest of the peninsula. The delegation will have a Showroom  for interior designers and architects as well as for professionals, in which it will show the wide range of products marketed.

With the opening of this delegation led by José Sánchez Penas, a recognized professional in the sector and recently incorporated into the company, Gabarró will be able to better serve the Galician market, which combines a great timber tradition with an innovative industry around retail and the hotel contract.
Gabarró thus increases its versatility thanks to a multidisciplinary technical team distributed strategically throughout the Iberian Peninsula, which will help the company to offer the best service to all points of the national territory in just 24-48 hours.