Gabarró displayed in InteriHOTEL, the unique event in Spain on interior design of hotels, outstandingly remarkable level flooring, wood finishes and all its derivatives. Among a cast of over 4,400 different references lunges in their stores located throughout the peninsula, Gabarró has chosen for InteriHOTEL an exclusive selection of floating parquet, laminate flooring, solid natural wood deck, heat treated wood, etc… especial products for hotels and local.

The stand of Gabarró has in InteriHOTEL is the synthesis of interior and exterior spaces, and hence called TRANSIT ROOM Stand: A35. In this space, designed by M3interiors has chosen the element of water as a thread, as is the defining of interior and exterior spaces. Therefore pivots the space between a shower outdoor pool and a swimming area for the interior.
It pavements outside and the heat-treated wood Lunawood, technological TimberTech decking, and natural flooring Talí. By his side in the hinterland will see Egger laminate flooring Laminate Flooring with infinite decorative slats and Aqua + special range for kitchen spaces and bathrooms. Also you can observe the floating platform of Medfloor Old and Karelia.
In this edition of InteriHOTEL, Gabarró presents his new laminate flooring Egger Laminate Flooring 2015-2017, and especially a range for wet areas, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, called Aqua +. This new collection Egger Laminate Flooring is updating the known Floorline distributed by Gabarró for over 15 years.

Aqua + is a revolution for being a pavement prepared for wet areas, as well as having a support high density making it ideal for commercial and domestic areas. Aqua + is a product of the highest quality as well as the entire collection of 70 designs Gabarró have in stock. It combines business with innovation, providing one of the most refreshing and current collections in the market. Egger Laminate Flooring is a collection of decorative laminate floor where we find planks 2,000 mm long, 327 mm wide, and all framed within the current trends.

Gabarró is the professional trust company which supplies all kinds of products related to the world of wood both natural, and their derivatives, as well as a wide range of flooring for various uses. Gabarró provides all possible solutions in wood to any hotelier, industrial or architectural space.

Visit us from 18 to 21 November at the Dome of Las Arenas de Barcelona STAND A35