GABARRÓ, from this March, incorporates POLYREY brand into its wide range of products. With this new addition increases our range of technical and decorative solutions. GABARRÓ adds 32 new products from POLYREY to his stock, like laminates -  POLYREY HPL , compact – REYSIPUR and agglomerates with sandwich HPL – POLYPREY.

POLYREY is characterized by it’s high quality, style and a markedly value. His new Collection 2017 host all the equipment and solutions for the interior design. It’s products: POLYREY HPL their laminate HPL , the compact called REYSIPUR, the melamine PANOREY, and the sandwich HPL POLYPREY. These are part of the wide variety of solutions that we can find in their designs - Gloss Color Papago, Origine Permier, Mineral, Metallic, Metal Pur, Expression and Empreinte collection of digital printing.

The exclusive Monochrom designs also joins our stock. This compact laminate HPL- tinted in mass, can create pure lines without apparent edges.

The commitment with the environment that has Gabarró, it also shared by Polyrey, being all boards certified by PEFC and a wide range of HPL designs by FSC.

GABARRÓ has great expectations about these new products. We hope that will be very useful and will offer new possibilities to those customers that for so many years has been trusting in us.