The Sabadell Industrial School visits GABARRÓ

The Sabadell Industrial School visited GABARRÓ.

It was an excellent occasion for introducing the wood knowledge to the students of 1st. Intermediate Level – Carpentry and Furniture, and the vast range of application of the different product that distribute GABARRÓ.

MedFloor Old and Karelia, our brands of floating parquet, were presented to them. Floorline laminate flooring, the new special vinyl flooring for wet areas Adore and also the largest stock of melamine Gamela 2012-2016.

Regarding boards and agglomerates were shown the wide range and the most extensive assortment of finishes that can be found in the Catalonian market.

They also admired the way of manipulating the boards and the agglomerates ‘in situ’ by the edger, the splitting, and the numerical control.