Great succes of the LUNAWOOD, ADORE and KARELIA.

A very positive balance of the LUNAWOOD, ADORE and KARELIA presentations which took place last 11th, 12th and 13th November in Valencia, Madrid and Valladolid respectively.

The three presentations with technical clarifications were given by:
Ms. Hannele Heiskanen-  LUNAWOOD Export Manager
Mr. Nigel Freeman - ADORE Regional Sales 
Mr. Damir Budanec - KARELIA  Commercial Director
Mr. Bruce Uhler - KÄRS KARELIA UPOFLOOR Environmental Sustainability Ambassador
Mr. Ramon Gabarró - GABARRO HERMANOS  General Director

Also attended the presentations:
Mr. Joan Dueso, Mr. Fernando del Rio et Mr. Ernesto Sorli by company GABARRÓ. et Mr. Javier Alvillo by company ALKOBAMA S.L.  

In the presentation there also was an installation training of ADORE vinyl floor ( theory and practice) where the guests were able to see and participate in the installation of a small place and check "in situ" the easy placement of the product

The participants received brochures and catalogs, and they were also able to see and touch the products that the three brands offered  in the exhibitors created for the occasion.