Adore Monarch, the protagonist of the Gran Hotel Puente Colgante

Adore, the range of vinyl floors sold exclusively by Gabarró, is the protagonist of the renovation project of the Gran Hotel Puente Colgante of Portugalete (Bizkaia).

From Gabarró we are excited about the result of this project because Adore Monarch looks amazing next to the colonial-style decoration of the hotel. Specifically, the Setubal Oak reference has been installed in a total of 1800 m2, divided between rooms and common areas.

To carry out this work, we have collaborated with the companies Global Led Management and Construction Bilbao 2018, which have devised and executed the entire project. As they themselves affirm, the choice of Adore Monarch was not accidental but it obeyed the technical and aesthetic requirements of a hotel of these characteristics.

The entire Adore range is highly resistant to scratches and impacts, so it can be installed without problems in areas with high traffic of people. In addition, it is 100% moisture resistant, with which its placement in the dining area is also successful. Finally, it should be noted that it has the IXPE silent blanket, which reduces the noise of the footsteps and that will provide extra comfort

We hope that hotel guests are as satisfied as we are!