Egger Pro 2021+ faq

What European standard is the CE marking based on? The CE marking is based on the European standard EN 14041 and guarantees that the properties of the product comply with the requirements of health, safety, and energy conservation.

What does the PEFC symbol mean? The acronym PEFC (Program for the Recognition of Forest Certification, for its acronym in English) certifies that the manufacturer carries out a sustainable and responsible forestry and a subsequent controlled processing of the wood as a natural product.
Are EGGER floors suitable for office chair users? Yes, with type W (soft) wheels.

What are usage classes? Floor coverings for interior spaces are classified according to use classes according to the ISO 10674 standard, which describes the scope of use of a certain type of floor. There are classes of use from 21 to 23 and from 31 to 34, which distinguish between the “residential” and “commercial” areas of use with moderate, normal, and intense use.

How can electrostatic charge be avoided? Static charges from people can cause electrostatic discharge when they meet metal. The presence of static charges on people is a totally normal phenomenon. If these charges do not escape from the body before reaching a certain level, that person can receive an "electric shock" by touching metal objects. Some EGGER laminate floors guarantee the static load of a person UP <2 KV and comply with the requirements of the EN 1815 standard (verification of electrostatic properties).

What is abrasion? Abrasion is the wear of the top layer of the soil. When the abrasion layer wears out completely, the decorative layer is affected and destroyed. The abrasion resistance of laminate floors is classified by classes from AC1 to AC5 according to EN 13329. EGGER laminate floors have an abrasion resistance of class AC3 to AC5.

Are laminate floors conductive? Can they be used, for example, in server rooms and / or operating rooms? Conductive floors are necessary whenever rooms have special requirements. These include, for example, computer and control centers, operating rooms, intensive care units and explosive zones. In these cases, the special floors are installed by a skilled electrician, who connects them to the building's potential equalization system (grounding). Due to the physical properties of wood-derived materials, bypass-capable laminate flooring cannot be installed.

Is laminate flooring suitable for people with allergies? Thanks to their easy-to-clean sealed surface structure, laminate floors are especially suitable for people with allergies.

What kind of fire resistance do EGGER laminate floors belong to? The flammability of laminate floors is classified according to the so-called flammability types. EGGER laminate floors are evaluated according to EN 13501-1 and classified as Cfl – s1.

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