Start/End Profile Slatpanel Nogal LB3771

Slatpanel is a starting profile and an ending profile to finish the interior decorative cladding. Slatpanel wooden tongue-and-groove panels are made of a high-density milled MDF base with color tones and patterns suitable for every taste.

It is an innovative and highly demanded tongue and groove board for interior projects in wall coverings, ceilings, furniture, separation of spaces, etc.

- Indoor use
- Installation using a tongue and groove system

Code Description Length mm Width mm Thickness mm
23168 SLATPANEL PERFIL INICIO LB3771 NOGAL AGT 2800 35 18 2800 35 18.00
23199 SLATPANEL PERFIL FINAL LB3771 NOGAL AGT 2800 38 18 2800 38 18.00

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