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Bamboo Deck - Dasso Bamboo Café XTR Unoiled

Bamboo deck is a type of covering formed from laminated sheets of bamboo, a fast-growing plant, meaning it is a renewable source of material making it an environmentally friendly option. It is ideal for use in construction and interior decoration due to its durability, sustainability and natural aesthetics.

Bamboo DASSO deck has its pores protected by fine ceramic particles, which crystallizes nutrients and prevents attack by bacteria, fungi, mold or insects, and the fibers do not rot when exposed to the elements. The natural color of bamboo is also retained during processing, resulting in a striking caramel color. Bamboo decking is a popular choice due to its attractive aesthetics, as well as its resistance to moisture and wear.


- Formats:

           137 x 20 x 20 x 1850 mm - tongue-and-groove joint at the heads (with glue).

- Smooth profile + V grooving
- Unoiled finish
- Uniform color

Code Description Length mm Width mm Thickness mm
21807 WOOD DECK DASSO BAMBU CAFE XTR SIN ACEITAR 1850 137 20 1850 137 20.00

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