We love this rehabilitation with WISA BIRCH

Parramon and Tahull architects, have overseen designing this beautiful project that has consisted of renovating a house in Barcelona located in the charismatic neighbourhood of Grácia. Fórneas Guida Construcciones is the one who has executed the project in which Wisa Birch Plywoods have been used.

These boards have been used in kitchen-dining room, bathroom, hallway, and bedroom furniture. They are attractive and sustainable plywoods.

Wisa-Birch is a high-quality multi-purpose product selected for a variety of applications where an excellent level of strength is essential. Due to its clear, smooth, and even surface, it also offers an optimal base for different types of coating. Due to its exceptional properties, uncoated birch plywood is widely used in the demanding vehicle, ship, construction, and furniture industries.

Wisa-Birch is made from birch veneers. The veneers are joined in a criss-cross construction. Weather-resistant gluing in accordance with EN 314-2/class 3 exterior standards. Wisa-Birch meets the class E1 formaldehyde emission requirements according to EN 13986.

All available surface qualities comply with EN 635 (Plywood Panels: Classification according to the appearance of the faces) and are even more stringent.

In this project, the BB quality has been used, which is the ideal one to be used for final uses in which a solid surface appearance is necessary. Consult here qualities, measurements, and thicknesses in stock.

Environment: WISA products are manufactured in Europe according to the strictest sustainability principles. By choosing WISA our customers can be sure that their plywood and veneers come from legal sources and comply with all relevant regulations and standards, including the EU Timber Marketing Regulations. UPM leads the integration of the forest industry and bioenergy in a new sustainable future.

Photographs by Judith Casas- @jthcasas