Vinyl flooring / spc Roble Sand, excellent performance in Maderalia

Our vinyl/SPC flooring reference from the Sovereign Oak Sand range was the true protagonist of this space. Tailor Hotel, designed by Estudi Hac, is an installation within Maderalia that recreated the rooms and facilities of a hotel. In addition, numerous product presentations were held in this unique space, such as that of Honext, all of them with high public traffic.

The designers of the space, led by Jose Manuel Ferrero, were looking for an aesthetically very natural floor with great features, which is why they decided to opt for the vinyl floor of our Adore brand. The floor was installed in more than 130 m2 and performed excellently in the face of the constant influx of visitors within FIMMA-Maderalia. Many of them, impressed by its texture and natural tone, asked us: is it wood?

Adore vinyl/SPC flooring with a plank size of 1520 x 228 x 6.5 is intended for residential, commercial or light industrial use. It has a bevel on all 4 sides, a lacquer treatment that prevents scratches and is water-repellent, so... What are you waiting for to install it?