The terrace with Urban Deck Duo in the center of Barcelona

You can tell we are looking forward to summer! This hotel in Barcelona is now ready to receive its clients on its terrace as soon as the good weather begins.

Our client Kambala Parquet has been commissioned to carry out this project in this beautiful terrace of a hotel in the heart of Barcelona. The product chosen to make it is our Urban Deck Duo Mongoy-Ebano technological outdoor flooring, the perfect solution for outdoor spaces that require warm and refreshing sensations.

Urban Deck Up Duo is a smart, sustainable and economical alternative, since they require a minimum of maintenance and are easy to install. In addition, it has a high resistance to slipping and staining, thanks to the fact that these pallets are encapsulated.

If you want to know more about Urban Deck Duo, here is another example of a project made with this material.