The Lunawood treehouse we've all dreamed of

Surely you have also dreamed of having a tree house. Our clients Baobao Jardines have been in charge of making this charming little house.

The material they have used for the cladding of the facade and the construction of the roof is our Madema Flandes Heat-treated Lunawood measuring 117 mm wide and 19 mm thick, this product is totally natural and pure because it does not contain chemical additives. In addition, when receiving the UTV Thermo-D treatment, the wood acquires a beautiful brown tone and its surface becomes more pleasant to the touch, as well as more resistant to inclement weather.

Regarding its applications, it is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use, such as for saunas, floors, furniture, terraces, patios, cladding and panels.

You can see another example of its use here.