Sveza plywood and laminated Polyrey compact for a student residence

In the project for this residence they used several plywood birch boards from Sveza. These boards are made of birch veneers that are joined by a crisscross construction to make them more resistant. They are intended for both indoor and outdoor applications due to weather resistant gluing. In addition, as we see in the images, its light colored plate has visible veins: an original solution in design projects.

The boards have been padded with the compact laminate HPL of Polyrey in black color for the rooms and the kitchen and in brown tones for the bathroom. The compact laminate has excellent surface properties such as strength, durability and hygiene, so its use for countertops, closet fronts, table tops and, in general, areas with a high traffic of people (as in a student residence ) is ideal.

We love the fusion of these two products!