Saving the gap, with Luna Deck by Lunawood®!

Our client Carpinteria Cabalo has been commissioned to manufacture the floor of this terrace of the Bodegón de Labastida, to save the unevenness of the street.

The wooden terraces are a resource to enjoy the exterior as well as a practical resource to expand the interior surfaces of the business. One of the advantages of using wood for its construction is the easy adaptation of the material or structure, as well as its quick installation.
About 400 ml have been used in this installation. of Luna Deck 2P heat-treated wood Pallet and 100 ml. de Flandes C / V Termotratado Lunawood.

As we have already indicated in other projects, heat-treated wood is a resistant and safe material for many types of exterior structures.
Sustainable wood material produced by using natural methods, heat and steam. Thermal modification improves the properties of wood, thus expanding the range of applications in which wood can be used. It is dimensionally stable, resistant to decay, and resin-free.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors, in any climate. Lunawood is a non-toxic natural product that is easy to machine and install, it is a sustainable and long-lasting option.
Thermally modified wood has a beautiful shade of brown, which naturally wears over time to a beautiful silver-gray patina, if the wood is not treated with UV protected, pigmented wood oil.