Sanitary Cabins the best solution for humid spaces

It has been a pleasure to manufacture these cabins that our client Connectate & Kiwi, S.L from Picanya has commissioned us and who has chosen an original yellow color, specifically the ref. by Polyrey Genêt G031 in FA finish (slightly satin finish, with ultra-fine grain and soft touch that seduces by its purity and discretion)

These cabins are made of Polyrey's compact  REYSIPUR® HPL laminate in 12.5 mm thickness. They are resistant to moisture, water, bumps, scratches, chemicals, cracking, abrasion, scratching, heat, and cigarette burns; They also have a Sanitized® antibacterial treatment by silver ions that guarantees the destruction of 99.9% of bacteria.

The fittings are made of stainless steel and have been tested against corrosion according to the UNE EN 1670: 2007 and UNE EN 1670: 2007 AC / 2008 standards.

The sanitary cabins are the optimal solution to create simple and fast distributions in areas with a lot of traffic of personnel and possible contact with wet areas such as bathrooms, changing rooms, shopping centers or swimming pools, and they provide you with multiple advantages:

They save time since they represent a great innovation in construction processes, since they replace masonry works and their assembly is very fast and easy.

They adapt to your idea since they provide maximum flexibility because they are manufactured according to the needs of the project and, in addition, as they are assembled on mechanical fixings, they allow the reuse, relocation or replacement of all the components.