Return to the past combining stone and Elm wood

For the manufacture of the door, on the sink and shelf, our client Carpintería San Antonio de Sant Antonio Portmany, has used Elmo wood with sharp edges, 26 mm thick. This wood enjoys the KD (Kiln Driying) drying treatment that makes the wood give a greater consistency and less shrinkage than it would normally have without this treatment.

Elm wood has traditionally been one of the favorite options in Europe. On the one hand, due to its attractive appearance and, on the other, its excellent behavior in humid environments.

Another of the great advantages of Elm is that it is very easy to work with. It is easy to saw, nail and glue. Its drying does not require too much time and has little risk of deformation. Another of the particular uses of this wood is that it allows curves to be made very easily, so it is the right material for pieces with rounded shapes.