Ready, set, go ... to enjoy spring with the Urban Deck Up Duo!

The client of Manuel Gallardo Romero from Montellano, has chosen the Urban Deck Up Duo outdoor technological flooring in Mongoy -Ebony color for the floor of this magnificent terrace. In this work, approximately 500 ml of this reference have been used, as well as the corresponding strips and staples.

A very wise decision since the Urban Deck Up Duo range is composed of a composite covered with wood and polymers, with great durability outdoors, with a pleasant aesthetic and high resistance to sliding, characteristics that make it ideal for outdoor terraces and for lining the swimming pool environment.

Its alveolar structure has the latest innovations in technological pallets, but it is more resistant to stains than other pallets on the market. In addition, it prevents overheating due to solar action. As it is an encapsulated flooring, its covering material does not discolor due to exposure to the elements and sunlight and has a 10-year guarantee.

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