Project to remodel the Vil·la Urània equipment complex with Lunawood

The expansion and renovation project, carried out by Sumo Arquitectes and Yolanda Olmo, took on the challenge of giving Vil·la Urània a new life with minimal energy consumption and a low environmental impact, since the building was affected by the urban growth of the environment.

La Vil·la Urània is a small residence from the end of the 19th century that was the home of the renowned astronomer Josep Comas i Solà. The villa is one of the last existing urban examples of what was once the neighborhood of Farró in the district of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi in Barcelona. The re-densification of the neighborhood throughout the 20th century left the building and the small surrounding garden enclosed between two imposing medians. The new Complex of Equipments assumes the challenge of giving a new life in the villa and the existing gardens and incorporates it into a new building.

The building, once rehabilitated, becomes a meeting point, a polyvalent diaphanous space equipped to carry out activities of all kinds as required by such equipment.
With more than 3200m2, it stands out for the use of intermediate spaces, naturally heated, enclosed by a large facade formed by several overlapping filters that adapt to outdoor conditions, providing a plant facade that accompanies users in all their activities.

The remodeling stands out for the intensive use of materials with low environmental impact, quickly renewable and of recycled origin: auxiliary structures and wooden carpentry, mixed curtain walls of wood-aluminum or hemp insulation among others. In this case, the heat-treated wood Lunawood has been the protagonist with the different external platforms, thus helping the sustainability of the building.

As a result, the Vil·la Urània equipment complex has been conceived as a building with almost zero energy consumption (NZEB). Its energy consumption is very low and much of the necessary energy is produced in the building itself. And finally, the set has energy certification A and LEED platinum certification for the finished building.

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Photograph taken by Aitor Estévez