Original chairs made with Lunawood thermotreated wood

In InterioriZarte they have chosen Lunawood to carry out a very interesting project, spectacular design chairs made with Lunawood's heat-treated wood.

The design of these was done with the BIM, a key denominator in the digitization of the construction industry. It is a way to digitize product, spaces, structures and all kinds of objects with a large amount of information about the product, its characteristics and its life cycle, in this way the project is facilitated and the final images of the project can be visualized in the design stage.
Lunawood has a BIM library of all its digitized products to help in any type of project, using the real product that they will use.

To realize the chairs, they have taken into account the dimensional stability of the Lunawood product, since the lower moisture content provided by the Thermowood treatment makes it stable from the dimensional point of view, and the material retains its shape much better than untreated wood. Taking into account that the thermal modification made by Lunawood respects the natural properties of wood, since the raw material is processed using only heat and steam.

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