New look thanks to Dasso bamboo decking

A good product and a correct installation can mark a before and after in projects, as is the case with this door made with caramel colored Dasso CTECH bamboo flooring.

After installation, the door looks much more elegant and will withstand the elements better than the one previously installed as Dasso bamboo decking has great durability outdoors.

DassoCTECH crystallizes the fibers with CeramiX® particles, impregnates them with phenolic resin (the same resin that is applied to boluses) and then compresses to form Fused Bamboo. Fused Bamboo is now fully impregnated with CeramiX® particles that crystallize nutrients to prevent bacteria, fungi, mold or insects. These fibers do not rot in exposed environments.

Although it is a natural product that can change color, grain and appearance, only maintenance with a colorless matte stain will be enough for the attractive caramel color to last for many years.