Lunawood, an ideal wood for public equipments

Lunawood SHP thermo-D thermowood slats and UTV thermo-D tongue and groove have been the material used for the realization of this cladding in a social center in Carballo (Galicia). Specifically, more than 700 ml have been installed on the facade of the building.

The architects in charge of this project decided to entrust the placement of both products to our client Carpintería Alcaber, who have done a magnificent job.

Lunawood thermowood is a highly recommended material for installation in public spaces or facilities. The reason for its suitability lies not only in its high resistance to sun exposure and inclement weather but also in the fact that it is a product without chemical additives in its heat treatment process, that it does not secrete resins and that it also has PEFC certification, which guarantees its responsible and sustainable management.