Let nothing stop you from traveling! total freedom with this "camperized" van

This customer can now start his adventure with this camper van, he will no longer have to plan where to sleep or where to stop, he will be able to enjoy the freedom that his equipment gives him.

To adapt it, Gamela Egger Melamine reference Acacia Lakeland H1277 finished ST9 has been used, in different thicknesses and for the areas in which more resistance is required, Wisa Birch Plywood has been used.

Gamela Egger Melamines are made of wood derivatives and covered with a decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin. These are multipurpose boards with a wide variety of designs and with surface finishes that in some cases perfectly imitate the finish of natural wood. They have excellent abrasion and scratch resistance properties.

Wisa Birch is a high quality multipurpose product selected for different applications where an excellent level of resistance is essential. Due to its clear, smooth and uniform surface, it also offers an optimal base for different types of coating. Due to its exceptional properties, uncoated birch plywood is widely used in the demanding vehicle, ship, construction and furniture industries.

Wisa Birch plywood is made from birch veneers. The sheets are joined in a criss-cross construction and their gluing is weather resistant in accordance with EN 314-2 / ​​class 3 exterior.