Ipé Wood Deck decking a safe bet for the exterior.

One of the best most valued woods for the exterior is the one chosen by our client Carpintería Muchamiel, S.L de Muchamiel for the manufacture of this deck for the garden with swimming pool in a private home.

Ipé wood is one of the most commercialized woods for outdoor uses and is highly resistant to humidity, as well as to fungi and xylophages. Yellowish white sapwood, heartwood color varies from olive brown to more or less dark brown.

Ipé wood comes from South America and is used for both indoor and outdoor installations, for shipbuilding and hydraulic works, as it is highly resistant.

For this installation, our client has used 500 ml. of the 10 Ipé profile measured 100 x 20 mm, and 200 ml were used for the base strips. 40 x20 mm tropical slat